Removing access to company IT systems is a key step in processing an employee’s departure, regardless of whether the employee leaves through termination or on the friendliest of terms. Prompt and thorough revocation of IT access both protects the company from security risks AND protects the outgoing employee from liability concerns should something go wrong with the systems after she or he leaves. Hence, a clean break is in the interests of both parties! 

Terminating access for a user is a joint project of you, the client and us, the IT provider. Your responsibilities include notifying us of the change and making the initial password change to lock out the departing employee’s access. Our job is to assist you in this process and then to dismantle the account and redirect its mail and data according to your preferences. The “Remove User Account” Request above gives us the information we need to complete the job. An authorized user should download and submit this form to as soon as you are aware of an impending departure. 

We would advise Directors and Managers to read the form, so they can have an understanding of the processes and advise them of the options supplied on what to do with the terminated users account.

This article has the Remove User Account form attached for you to complete and send back to us, so we can work together in locking the user account down and protecting business assets.